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Our family is one of the biggest tektite collectors in Thailand, especially Muang Nong type tektite. We have been collecting and in tektite trading business for over 30 years. We have all sizes of tektites..."Thailand twins", the world largest 2 pieces of tektite, weight 24 kg. each (Heinen, Guy, (1998), Tektites Witnesses Of Cosmic Catastrophes , Guy Heinen, Luxembourg), 12.4 kg, 9.2 kg, 7.2 kg and 3 kg. Also, we have the small tektites, weight from 1 g. to 0.0005 g. In addition, we have many unusual shape tektites. We have about 1 ton of tektites in our collection.

The reason our family is in this business because Thai people have a belief that tektite is a lucky stone. It brings good luck and prevent fire accidents. When a big buddhist statue is casted, Thai people put a tektite as the black pupil of the statue. Some people use tektite when they meditate. Some use it in new age healing. Some even have a tektite cut and use as a piece of jewelry.

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